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Thread: Party Limitations...!!!!

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    Party Limitations...!!!!

    I'm all new to the Stoic forums, and maybe unlike some of you, I just discovered The banner Saga when the single player game went out...
    And I absolutely loved it!!!

    So after finishing my first playthrough, I extended my experience with Factions... which I also loved.

    But i was wondering a few things about how were built the game mechanics and the impact on in game strategy.

    1. I noticed that we cannot play a party with less than 6 members. And I wonder why this limitation?
    With a game that has a wonderful mechanic that allows undermanned parties to not be too outmatched... why not lett the possibility to take to battle for exemple a 6-power party, with two "2 power" units and two "1 power".
    Would'nt this allow some more epic challenges and deeper strategies?

    2. The other thing that frustrated me a bit was the unit type limitation...
    Is it really necessary, for the sake of game balance to reduce the number of varl we can bring to battle to 2, and the number of archers and of raiders to 3?
    Is the power matchmaking not sufficient to make balance exist without putting these limitations?
    I would have found nice to battle with an all archer party, of maybe 4 archers and 2 varls...

    Wouldn't we get deeper strategy by removing those caps?
    Would it throw the game off balance?

    Please keep in mind that all these are only interrogations (and humble suggestions) of a very very happy fan of the game for extending the pleasure

    Good game to you all!

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    Hello and welcome Himalayan

    You're quite late to the Factions party, eh? Only 5 years or so! To your questions

    1. As it proved out, the so-called "turn advantage" would make the four-member power-6 team [2 2 1 1] much stronger compared to the six-member [1 1 1 1 1 1]. Most of the efforts on high-level/competitive Factions playstyle revolved around maximizing this turn-advantage in your favor by use of the "maim but don't kill" strategy.

    2. The base-class limitations were applied so that players would be encouraged to use all units and learn the synergies between them. Exaggerated builds like six-raider were allowed at first, but it soon appeared the they were not so fun to play with as they discouraged using fragile units like archers. I assure you that 6 Thrashers vs. 6 Backbiters may sound fun, but it turns out unfun and boring after a few tries. Also, varl are way too strong to allow more than 2 in a team. All-in-all, 2/2/2 is a very balanced limitation meaning that practically all combinations of units were more or less equivalent.
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