Welcome to the Stoic Community! We are very excited to have you here! As with all communities, we do have some rules and guidelines - these are here to ensure this is a helpful, informative, and constructive place. We do have a Rules of Conduct which you can read below but here are they are in pretty basic terms.

  • Help build the Community
  • Show respect at all times; don't make an argument personal
  • Know the difference between differences of opinion and personal attacks
  • Remember that behind each Display Name there is a real person
  • Do not spam or advertise anything in your posts or signatures
  • No personal (real life) attacks are allowed
  • Posting of pornography, racist or otherwise discriminating remarks, offensive language, to include links to, are strictly forbidden
  • We do not allow users to bump threads. Doing so will result in the thread being locked, so it is ultimately counter-productive to the intended goal
  • Do not post farm, to include "+1", "Like", or "First post!", or start pointless threads
  • Use your inside voices; in other words, do not post in all-caps

In short, please be polite and civil to one another. Messages and threads breaking these rules will be edited or removed at our discretion, and users who break the rules may be warned or suspended from further posting. Also remember that we can not have a rule for everything, and because of unique situations or a few people who may abuse our community or cause other problems (even if those are not listed in the rules), we reserve the right to react to these issues in a way of our choosing.