Hey there! I just started playing this series earlier today and I've got a rant/question I hope you guys can help with. So I play video games quite competitively, usually min-maxing characters, specifics, items and so on. I want to explore this game as a story-driven game, not as a "chore" like I do with multiplayer games where I like being competitive (that's why I mostly stopped playing games in the last year, online games being more of a "chore" than anything else). For example: (1) I started the game losing a unit, the shield guy, (Egil?) and now I feel bad about it, because I read a guide later on that mentioned him. You see, if I hadn't read that guide then I wouldn't have known I made a bad choice, and that's what stresses me out. (2) I let the brothers Mogun and Hogun fight the villagers without trying to side with neither of them and later found out that this is the worst case scenario.

My question is: How can I get rid of the addiction(?) of looking up guides and min-maxing? I want to enjoy the story as it is, without feeling remorse for characters I haven't even known existed (Egil). I want to feel the joy I felt when I was a kid and didn't even know guides existed.

Any help would work out, considering I have this "perfectionism" problem in my day to day life as well. Thanks for the help in advance!