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Thread: New to Banner Saga, Quick Question

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    New to Banner Saga, Quick Question

    Hi, new to Banner Saga, just bought Factions and hope to play the single player version when it comes out. I'd like to know if the single player Banner Saga will have the same 2D art style and system reqs as factions, and if anyone knows what the price point will be. Thanks.

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    Well, not sure about system requirements, but art is supposed to be the same.

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    Factions is essentially the battle-system of the Banner-Saga as a stand-alone Multiplayergame. So the battles in the SP-game will look more or less exactly the same. System Reqs - don't know, but as it lacks fancy 3D fotorealism they shall be quite low.

    Price on Steam is probably 10 or 15$, even less if you take sales into consideration.

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    Ok thanks

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