I hope this doesn't break any forum rules, I don't think it does. Anyways, I'm here to ask for help.

I have two hedgehogs, Jaime and Cushie. They're brothers. They love each other so much, its adorable. They sleep together at night under their little ferret bag (they don't get in it for some reason...) and they play together at night (they're nocturnal.)

I noticed just last week that Jaime was starting to get a lump on his hindquarters. It got larger throughout the week. Hedgehogs are extremely prone to cancer. And of course, because they're exotic animals vet bills are very, very expensive.

I'm super poor. I'm a collegiate grad with not much money at all. I work in a running store and coach track at an area high school. I'm a runner, so this is me living the dream. However, it doesn't leave a lot of room for pet emergencies like this.

All I'm asking is that you help in anyway that you can, either by contributing a little money or even just spreading the word that I'm looking for help. I absolutely love this forum and am coming here in confidence that I will find some of that goodwill I know all of you have.


Thank you so much for your time and positive vibes. I appreciate it.