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    The Online Store is now live

    Since the Kickstarter campaign ended we've had a really rather surprising number of people asking how they could pre-order the game or get some of the Kickstarter swag. Since we hired an office manager, she's had a bit of time to set up an online store!

    Although we're not taking pre-orders quite yet, the store is available for anyone who missed the Kickstarter campaign or wanted to up their reward. Items are as follows:

    • Shipping is free!
    • The movie-style poster is available both signed and unsigned
    • The landscape lithograph is available unsigned and un-numbered
    • We have a VERY small number of signed and numbered landscapes that we overstocked for the purpose of reships, returns, etc. These are part of the original 150 piece run, and we have not increased the run, we're just offering the very few that went unsold.
    • All purchases come the "Rook's broach" button! Easily valued at over two grand just by itself!
    • All items are the same price as the Kickstarter campaign. They don't include "previous rewards" like the Kickstarter campaign because that was a special fundraiser drive.
    • The t-shirts, animations cels, music rewards and shadowboxes were all exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign! Alas, we can't offer them for resale.

    As always, all the money raised goes back into the production of the game. Thanks for your amazing support! We'll continue to add new items over time if there is demand, so check back regularly.

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    Out of curiosity, is it intentional that the signed and unsigned versions of the landscape print are the same price?

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    Any chance the landscape lithograph will be available again?

    If not the lithograph, what about a digital download we could print ourselves?

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