I recently picked up King of Dragon pass for my iPhone, since I heard the story-based gameplay was similar to The Banner Saga and I wanted something to distract me until Chapter 1 gets released. I've read through the entire manual, but I'm still a bit overwhelmed by all the options available to me, especially with the multitude of gods in the pantheon, with each god having multiple rituals to choose from. Between farming, trading and diplomacy, magic, and war, I'm not sure what I should be concentrating on at the beginning, and I'm suffering from analysis paralysis as I try to balance each of the options available. (the small iPhone screen doesn't make it easier to try to gauge the strength of my faming, warriors, clan happiness, etc. - because each is on a different screen)

I know some Banner Saga players have played King of Dragon Pass, and I wondered if anyone veterans had suggestions about what to concentrate on at the beginning of the game. Should I work on building up my food supply? My military defenses? Or my alliances with other clans?

P.S. I've played the Civilization games, and other strategy computer games, but most of them are good at starting you out with only a few decisions and then slowly making things more complicated over time. King of Dragon Pass feels like I'm being dumped in the deep end.