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    SOFT LAUNCH: Build 1.5.70

    Build 1.5.70 Release Notes



    Bug Fixes:
    • Battle: Fixes to Beach ice layers
    • Battle: Bird of Prey VFX alignment fixed
    • Battle: Great Hall Bear animations fixed
    • Marketplace: Fix mismatched sale prices between game GUI and steam overlay in non-USD

    • Great Hall: Tournament Banner added
    • Battle: Wall map optimized bird animations
    • Battle: Tutorial map added torch animations
    • Battle: Beach and Great Hall fogging optimized
    • Battle: New sounds for Match Resolution
    • Battle: Underdog bonus kicks in if opponent has 3 more power (was 6)
    • Battle: Global chat no longer shows up in Battle Chat window
    • Hall of Valor: Now displays Tournament rankings
    • Tutorial: Texts updated
    • Tutorial: 2 new tutorial videos added in-game. See the Banner button in upper right of Strand
    • Tutorial: Intro videos before and after combat
    • Tutorial: Auto starts when the game launches, can be replaced from the Banner button
    • Marketplace: NO LONGER IN SANDBOX MODE -- things cost real money
    • Marketplace: Eternal Rally Boost added
    • Marketplace: Price reduced on Launch Special Starter Pack
    • Marketplace: Descriptive text added for Renown and Variations
    • Marketplace: All items on sale for Soft Launch
    • GUI: Escape key backs out of most GUIs as one would expect
    • Versus: New Sword clash sound
    • Versus: Matching power difference restriction opens up more slowly (60 seconds from zero to 6)
    • Friend: Global Chat no longer shows up in friend lobby

    General Notes:
    • The game always writes log files into $HOME/tbs_logs/. You can access this or email it to us for bug reporting
    • Toggle fullscreen with CONTROL-SHIFT-F
    • Toggle performance indicator with CONTROL-SHIFT-P. The number displayed is milliseconds per frame, not FPS
    • If you crash on startup on Mac OS X, remove the folder "/Library/Frameworks/Adobe AIR.framework"
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