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Thread: Calyx, a privacy-conscious ISP

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    Calyx, a privacy-conscious ISP

    Under the Bush administration, the NSA wiretapped thousands of people without a warrant. They were assisted in this by Internet Service Providers, who had no qualms about selling out their customers: in San Francisco, AT&T let the NSA look into all their customers' traffic, regardless of whether those people were under suspicion of anything. There's no doubt that what AT&T did was illegal; Congress retroactively legalized it after the fact, preventing claims from being brought against AT&T.

    Nicholas Merrill was subject to a National Security Letter that demanded he hand over his customers' information to the government. Believing the letter to be unconstitutional, he challenged it in court--but a gag clause prevented him from even acknowledging he had gotten the letter until over half a decade later.

    Inspired by his own experience and the trend of ISPs actively working against their customers' privacy, he's setting up his own ISP: The Calyx Institute, a non-profit organization that will offer encrypted service to users (so even Calyx doesn't know what you're doing) and that will eventually offer other products, like private e-mail and file storage. But he doesn't have the capital to start a company like that, which is why he's running a funding drive. He couldn't do it on Kickstarter because he's not delivering a final product as such, but the concept is much the same.

    Donating to Calyx might not get you a snazzy new game, watch, or novel, but it can bring about some real change in the world. Calyx serves as an important proof-of-concept that could inspire others to set up their own privacy-minded ISPs around the world. Supported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and having experience running an ISP, I think Nicholas Merrill is the real deal. So uh, please throw some money his way: Do it for privacy and freedom!

    (Yes, this is a shameless shill for Calyx, but it's an issue I really care about. ;p)

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    Interesting, thanks for the information.

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