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    Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
    The relative power is the _hard_ constraint. The system starts out trying to match you with a zero difference (60vs60, 66vs66, etc...). Over the course of 1 minute it slowly opens up the power window to a difference of 6 (60vs66).

    Within your hard power window, it tries to find the best match for you using a combination of power delta and Elo delta, where +200 Elo is treated as +6 Power equivalent. It also weights the match against someone with the same timer (Expert vs. 60 sec). A +30 timer delta is equivalent to +100 Elo.

    Currently, if you match against someone with +3 Power, you get an underdog bonus of +1 renown.

    In the next build, underdog bonus will scale up with more power delta, possibly Power [2...6] -> Renown [1...3].
    Just to see if I understand:

    Let's say there's a 1) newcomer with a 60 power team and 2) experienced player (mid-range elo) with a 63 point team. If a top 20 player enters the matchmaker with a basic 60 power team, he would be more likely to be assigned to the player 1) with hundreds of elo difference but the same team power, rather than someone closer to his elo, but with stronger team power, like player 2?

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    Sounds right to me pio. He's saying that you match for power level first and then for quantified skill level. Quantified skill level is overall elo, power difference (+6 = 200), and the timer (30 = +100). Once it quantifies your skill level it matches you to the closest skill level in your closest power tier.
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    I am not so sure Poitras, I don't think it is that simple. My take on the MM is that it treats 200 elo difference as a 6 power, hence if there is more than 200 difference they wont be matched.I also think that it depends on how long you are in queue, the MM gets increasingly desperate to match you the longer you are in queue.

    So if really balanced (rating and power, MM can't account for skill/inebriation) games are what you are looking for then don't queue for more than 10-20 seconds. leave the queue and re-enter it. It will reset your timer.

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