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Thread: Bloody Flail Bug(?)

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    Bloody Flail Bug(?)

    I had a Thrasher with 3 Strength flail against a Warrior with 5 Armour. The flail did damage as follows: Armour, Armour, Strength, miss. It seems that Bloody Flail only counts the initial armour state when determining whether or not the last attack will this intentional?

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    It is intentional. It misses with 1/3 probability irrespective of armor.

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    Oh, does it? Huh. Is the amount of damage dealt with the last swing random too?

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    Based on allies adjacent to Thrasher, just the damage can be armor, str or miss.

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    miss x 3

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    Bloody Flail (edit): The Thrasher strikes his opponent four times. On the first three strikes, he does either one Strength or one Armor damage, with equal probability. On the fourth strike, things are more random: he has a 34% chance of doing 1 Strength damage +1 per adjacent ally; a 33% chance of doing 1 Armor damage +1 per adjacent ally; and a 33% chance of missing entirely.
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    @nazgul: Cool, you found that! I edited it yesterday and am not sure about the "with equal probability" thing for the first three strikes.

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    Oh, the wiki is up? Sweet.

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