Ready to see the result of your decisions? Thanks for your patience! We’re still working on getting the website back on its feet, but we’re going to keep the demo going. After this I expect there will be one more video.

A quick report: we’re making ridiculous progress on the game. All the major cities in the game are done. We’ve got items up and working (many of which are submissions from backers), and we’re starting to get final music in as well. Austin will be doing a music update in the near future. At this point the majority of what we’re doing is adding the remaining content. Then it’s on to polish.

We worked over the weekend to get a build done for Fantastic Arcade here in Austin. Drop by if you’re in town and try the demo yourself! Regretfully, we (again) won’t be able to personally attend, since we’re heads down on production from now until the game comes out.

Something of note— based on feedback we got on conversation, we’ve already made changes to the game that we think help significantly. Check it out in the video!