We are planning on putting the patch up first thing tomorrow (Wednesday January 22nd) at 9-10 AM CST.

Here are the release notes:

  • Added options for subtitles. Click the button with the Close Captioning ‘CC’ logo on the Options page.
  • Added missing Kickstarter backer names to credits
  • Backer Crests that missed the initial deadline have been incorporated into the game.
  • Challenge Achievement can now be gained, despite Iver losing a battle to Bellower
  • Fix issue where ranked up units are unable to use their rank 2 & 3 abilites after loading from a save game
  • Fix issue where bad save game files prevented the start menu from displaying.
  • Numpad keys are now supported for Conversation option (1,2,3,…) and continue (SPACE, ENTER) hotkeys.
  • Numpad keys are now supported for combat hotkeys (1,2,3,4)
  • Fixed achievement names of Eagle Eye and Siege Archer
  • Dredge Slag Slinger Backoff can now trigger at most once per turn. This addresses problems when Rook’s Mark Prey ability is used on a Dredge Slag Slinger when multiple allies can hit it.
  • Slingers that get hit while running away will now resume running away after their damage reaction animation completes
  • Silver Arrow in Bellower fight now longer requires Willpower to use
  • Travel HUD no longer permanently disappears after Einartoft due to certain choices
  • More supplies and renown increased throughout Chapter 6
  • Nid no longer gains the incorrect number of points to spend on rank up
  • Ekkill no longer appears incorrectly in certain events if he is left behind
  • Iver is no longer required in the party after Einartoft when making certain choices.
  • Fixed an error where Fasolt would stay with the party after Einartoft in certain branches.

So everyone is clear — patching on Wednesday (January 22nd) at 9-10 AM CST.