John Watson has just posted his next tech blog on the forums.

“The wheels of console porting are turning steadily, but slowly. I am currently evaluating 3 different development organizations that can help us do the ports. The way our game code is structured is fairly esoteric, so finding the right people is a challenge. The task requires previous experience with a fairly specialized piece of technology (Scaleform). However, I am in discussions with some people with very strong backgrounds in that area.

Autodesk, the company that owns Scaleform, has been very responsive so far. We encountered some early problems doing a rudimentary wrapper for our game, and they were very helpful in identifying the problem and possible solutions. We have been using the next generation ActionScript Compiler (ASC 2.0) for some time, but it turns out that the ActionScript Bytecode it generates (ABC) is not compatible with Scaleform. We have found a way to switch back to the legacy ActionScript Compiler, and those options are starting to yield results.”

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